1. Aseptic.

In hospitals, schools or kindergartens and in places where food is handled, requires a high level of aseptic.

The plasterboard ceiling have passed tests, approved by the competent bodies, on checking the survival of microorganisms.


The nature of the products constituting the plates is 100 % mineral, so it turns out to be an environmentally friendly material, clean for fauna and flora.

It is chemically neutral, a ph7, so no attack other materials, asbestos and completely book.


Plaster panels, given its high absorption power, act as environmental regulators, to absorb excess humidity and restore it as soon as the atmosphere is dry.

Another quality of the plates is perspiration. A diffusion rate relative to water vapor 15 times smaller than through the air, room where a plaster ceiling are cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

4. Acoustic comfort.

SOUND INSULATION: The degree of reduction of sound between two spaces separated. The removable roof panels achieve high insulation values.

ACOUSTIC ABSORPTION: Is the reduction of sound energy when it is reflected on a surface and both the sound source and receiver are in the same room. These ceilings give an excellent result in classrooms, music halls or local highly frequented.


Ensure the most appropriate fire behavior is one of the requirements that the current architecture requires any system of removable roof, considering two parameters:

FIRE RESISTANCE. When a fire, On heating causes molecular bond breakage and loss of water of crystallization. Until this happens, the ceiling temperature remains below 140 ° C. The plaster ceilings are subjected to rigorous testing in accredited laboratories.

REACTION TO FIRE. The rules in these trials determined that must not produce flames, fumes or gases. Our roofs are tested and the highest rating A1 (above M-0), i.e., completely incombustibles.


To test the moisture resistance of the panels, install a roof in a closed room and submit to a temperature of 38 ° C and an 95 % humidity for 30 days, after which it is noted that no alterations in their characteristics and properties, or deformations or cracks.

Therefore it is highly recommended for countries or areas where humidity is high product.


A simple brushing can remove any stains caused by food handlers or other causes.

The maintenance of roofs is very simple, Allowed paint easily, both with traditional roller as spray, retaining all its original features.


Rigorous checks carried out at all stages of the production process continuously help ensure mechanical stability and dimensional tolerances.

It is durable and resistant product, so, once installed remains unchanged for periods as long as desired.