Quality materials, Meticulously designed, insurmountable properties, modernity and proven guarantee converted into living our plaster products of their utmost confidence.

The best qualified professionals, modern equipment and machinery worldwide and controlled manufacturing process and attention to detail ensure a high quality products guaranteed by the highest standards at European level.
The quality control system that is followed in every production process ensures that each of our products comply with the maximum guarantees and requirements established by AENOR (Spanish Association for Standardisation and Certification).
Our casts become synonymous with fire safety. It is a completely fireproof material with extraordinary behavior in case of fire and whose characteristics allow our products meet the highest requirements regarding fire safety. So, roofs ensure stability 60 minute Fire.
Being a hygroscopic material absorb and exhale our casts moisture to the medium in which they are. Their behavior will be to absorb moisture when the atmosphere is humid and breathe it or assign it when it is in dry environments. This feature allows to achieve a high quality of habitability in the rooms, with healthy and adjusted from the viewpoint of moisture environments. The ceilings remain unchanged even when under high moisture saturation occurs, when temperatures are too high or if for any reason there is a long exposure to cold, heat or humidity.
The paintings are not a problem in our roofs. The plaster support any kind of paint. Prior use of primer is necessary in some cases.
The atmosphere generated by our material is of great quality as far as sound is concerned. The use of certain materials in the preparation of these casts permeate the flexibility and ductility that let you enjoy those warm environments from the acoustic point of view. We even have the ability to offer our customers specific models that reinforce those results on the reverberation of sound and are ideal for isolates that require certain premises and buildings as cinemas, health centers, offices or theaters.
The thermal conductivity of the ceilings made from plaster is our 0,15 a 0,19 Kcal / hm ° C


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